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bi curious or just bi now!

Are you looking for discreet bi male meets? in that case not only can we help you but we can put you in direct contacts with UK bisexual males looking for anything from oral only to full on sex contacts including anal sex.......If your using cottaging & dogging locations why not consider a safer way to meet local bi males ?

finding bisexual males with Swingers Direct is easy, fast & free if you want..


As a married bisexual male myself most of my early contacts was about heading to dogging & cottaging locations which whilst initially was fun but then with increased police patrols and claming down on outdoor locations became far more risky .....especially so for the married bi males

The internet has changed all that and now you meet online for safer local contacts

Had the internet been around during my early bi years I'm 100% sure I would have had a LOT more fun...but I'm making up for it now as now not only is it easy to meet with bisexual males you can chat in the comfort of your own home rather than poking bits of toilet roll under the door ..."what u into" LOL I'm sure we've all seen that

I'm not saying the cottaging or outdoor scene is dead in fact within the members section we have dedicated section for cottaging / dogging where bi guys can post up locations and the types of contacts they are looking for...its just now its a lot safer as you can pre arrange meets and eyeball just whats on offer ....(tip don't just send members photos of your cock, how about full body photos as well)

What type of bi male are you looking for mature, young, smooth oral only anal .........bareback!

If you've done the cottaging / dogging thing you'll probably agree that often these meets were controlled by the little guy between your legs, this meant often guys that you would never find horny if meeting private your suddenly on the floor in some cubicle sucking his cock ...

Whilst this used to be fine and for many guys still a method used for meeting males its not really a wise way to meet with males and now thanks to adult contacts website's you can have direct contacts with bisexual males accessing photos, profiles and better still arranging more private meets illuminating the problem of getting caught by the police ....

For guys that are just bi curious and have NEVER experienced any type of same sex meet meeting online offers a gentle and less stress free way to meet with males as you can take things as fast or slow as you like and maybe even meeting up for a social in a bar just to talk things through

As a member you'll be able to search profiles going right across the UK or indeed anywhere in Europe although our main member base is within the UK ...

Once you've found the profiles you can then directly send messages to the guys either asking more questions or seeing if they fancy meeting up some place thats SAFE!!! and better still by using the "members online" feature with a simple click you can access all guys profiles that are online "NOW" and arrange an instant meet

But doesn't end there ( like I said the features are endless) theres a range of other features that you can access to help you meet with local bisexual males and some of these include :-

  • Forums - where you can read postings made by bi contacts
  • Chatrooms - where you can search members online that are looking for bi meets
  • Search with advance features - search for members by age, size, colour, town
  • Distance Search - want to find local only bimales not a problem set distance search to zero and it will show all contacts in your town
  • Send messages - send "private" messages, this means only YOU get to see the responses so no one else can read your correspondence

Plus more features that will help you meet with bi males or bi curious guys so what are you waiting for? To give you some idea by using the links above under ( local contacts) you can view ALL male contacts by town...this will show you ALL males but once a member you can refine this to only show bimales