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Cuckold Couples contacts couples!

The Swingers scene has many different niches within it and one of those is the Cuckold Husbands scene where couples join adult contacts sites to meet with males only so that the husband can watch his wife getting fucked by strangers ........Of all the niche contacts Cuckold couples probably get more benefit from adult website's than any other making it easy to make local contacts

Want to meet with Cuckold couples? then read on or better still join us


Whether your a couple or a single male thats looking to make local contacts with cuckold husbands then not only will you find free access to members but a wealth of information on the UK cuckold scene along with chatrooms, forums, plus loads more for FREE!!

Basically what is cuckold sex?

In a nutshell its about males fucking other guys wives whilst he watches and for the vast amount of couples thats where it STOPS meet a couple, you hit it off and they invite you to the bedroom and the cuckold hubby pulls a chair up and watches...In some cases the wife will take on a different role and play the part of an unfaithful wife where she will arrange to meet with males separately for sex and then tell the husband "some" case cum soaked knickers will be offered to the husband

But the vast amount of contacts are all about the hubby sitting back and watching the wife getting "hopefully" well fucked...Does it end there ...nope, which is the reason you need to have some understand on just what cuckold sex is about

Different types of cuckold sex contacts.......not all the same

As you would expect not all contacts are the same and this applies to the cuckold scene and whilst the vast amount are just about couples meeting with males ...end off also have those that are looking for some type of role playing involved with the meet and this can take on different roles depending on the couple

The role tends to revolve around which partner takes on the dominant role whether the wife, husband or male ( also called a Bull) and as a member you can search across thousands of contacts looking for just the ideal type of couple/male you want meet with ...Unlike the Swingers scene most cuckold husbands / couples will know just whats they are looking for and very specific about the contact and what is expected when they meet

Not unlike any type of adult contacts especially so when role playing is involved there are the dominant and submissive players and within this fetish it could be either the wife ( hotwife) or husband..

For example when meeting a couple where the cuckold wife takes on the dominant role (Dominatrix wife) she may well want her husband to be humiliate, either verbally or physically and this can involve males commenting on how small the husbands, forcing him to fetch drinks, making him perform cuckold clean up ( liking cum from his wives pussy) to being a sissy cuckold where the husband could be dressed as a crossdressing maid and maybe even wearing some type of chastity device

On the flip side you'll have a dominant husband that will order his wife to perform in front of him following his orders to the letter ...and she will be expect to please the bull and ensure the husband has a good show...otherwise he may order the male to punish his wife ...needless to say all the time watching

Understanding cuckold and meeting with couples

Its without a doubt that not all cuckold couples are the same some want straight sex and nothing else others look towards role playing fetish type meets where the only limits are the ones set down by the couples and male....Its clear if your new to the UK cuckold husbands scene an understanding is vital and within the members section we have dedicated sections such as :-

  • Cuckold forums - where anything can be discussed within an open forums
  • Chatrooms - enjoy live interactive discussions with couples
  • Blogs - where views and articles can be read

But it doesn't end there as also you have profiles to read along with members photos and so much more...If your familiar with the cuckold scene and you just want to meet with local contacts with our advance search it a simple case of putting your location, then searching by keyword "cuckold husbands" and then view all the members of which theres loads .....

Its not really a case of finding local contacts its more so how many do you want to send messages too....