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Free to view Wives dogging photos!

Did you know the top adult search term least according to Google is Dogging photos !!! now the question you have to wonder is how many of those searching for dogging photos are males wanting to access some free porn or couples wanting to see what really happens

Either way the only REAL dogging photos are ones via contacts sites


The UK dogging scene has been around for years and with everyone having access to some type of digital camera getting photos of the wife or girlfriend dogging isn't exactly hard and thankfully for all us voyeurs our members are more than up for posting photos of dogging partners whether thats horny wives or girlfriends

The real side of amateur dogging photos

I love checking out members photos and normally the first thing i'll do is log into the forums and see whats been posted up from the previous nights dogging exploits which normally involves seeing sometimes blurred, dark but you do get some real photo gems posted up where you can see what the dogging wife is getting up too. Whilst its true sometimes the photos don't look great one thing they are are totally genuine dogging photos and not some fake porn photos

Free to view amateur dogging pics ......

As a member ( which BTW is free details ) you'll be able to access loads of members photos taken at various locations around the UK and to give you some idea of whats being posted up I've added some sample images below....Like the Swingers photos all the images have been edited to protect members, but also likewise once a member you can access the unedited images along with the members contacts details and just where they go dogging

As you can see from the above dogging photos our members sure as hell know how to have fun and that means ONE thing alone thats finding safe locations where they can have sex in public locations whether thats car parks, public parks or even national parks ( I bet the picnic benches have never seen so much action )

And whilst its true to say these photos aren't the dogging photos online what they are is REAL couples meeting up with strangers and enjoying some outdoor sex

Join us now check out the real side to dogging...

As a member not only will you be able to access these plus loads more photos posted up but gain access to forums, chatrooms, blogs & profiles so not only will you be able to view the real side to UK dogging but contact the couples and arrange meets

As a free website one thing we don't have a shortage of is the contacts and thankfully for all us voyeurs out there loads of photos showing there wives fucking at dogging locations around the UK.........