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Real dogging stories and whats better...FREE!

Its a fact we all love reading Dogging stories whether they are real outdoor events or even just fictional, theres just something about reading members stories....even better when the member posts up some photos to supplement the Dogging story ...;o)

Now you can read about the REAL side to dogging........and its FREE


Whether your search is for fictional or real events not only can we offer you direct access but should you like what you read and your local to the member you could even arrange to meet up now you won't get that from buying a book on Amazon ...least I don't think they are offering that service yet ...But what these stories will offer a REAL insight into UK Dogging

Read what really happens at Dogging Sites / Car parks

If your new to dogging then you may well not be fully aware of what happens at locations and its NOT just a case of pulling into some public location and having loads of horny dogging females flashing there brake lights at you ...if only it was that easy, maybe if you pulled in driving a Aston you'd get that type of a response

But its without a doubt that by reading the stories uploaded by members that will give you a far better insight and bring you up to speed with some of the possible pitfalls that can happen when basically having sex outdoors in public locations..

Free to read via member blogs and make new friends

The stories are posted within members dogging blogs and as a member whether your a free one or paid you'll be able to gain access to ALL stories, also you'll have your own blog so that you too can post stories or anything else you like...If your not familiar with the term "blog" or "blogging" its like a online journal where you can post anything you like from stories, photos, videos & even rants if something pissed you off

...You also have a chance to make "friends" with other bloggers ( thats someone that posts in a blog) and whilst most will be familiar with friends requests on FaceBook these requests are a lot more adult in nature

So by reading stories not only can you get a better idea whats happens, check out member photos or videos, find current sites but also build contacts give you some idea posted below are some recently added member stories ...Enjoy and join us soon to start reading real life dogging stories

  • Dogging whilst on a bike ...ok maybe not a bike but after reading this members story I'm off to by a bike and find some of these locations where female bike riders go (more)
  • First time outdoor sex ...not dogging in the way a normal event is but this couple ended up fucking in a dogging car park and you can be sure some voyeurs were watching them and you know I recon that turned them on even more (more)
  • Voyeur sex..........its sounds so dull just watching but clearly its not as a lot of dogging couples enjoy voyeur sex and this female does! (more)
  • Dogging bukkake ..!! its not always about just funking as this West Sussex wife found out read her dogging story (more)
  • My Dogging attempt in know you think dogging is easy, well trust me its not easy if you've not pre arranged a meet. I heard about a location in Dundee and after checking it out on Google headed out with condoms ready. Driving about in the dark I'm looking for this car park and clearly someone should have told me just HOW private it was and towards the end of the evening I was beginning to think my chance of sex with strangers was getting thin when I (more)
  • Dogging In Oxfordshire...We've only just moved to Oxfordshire wanted to find some locations and after a bit of digging got chatting to this couple that told us about a few places local to us, but also suggested meeting up for some swapping dogging!! now thats something we'd never considered so arranged to meet them.. The location they told us about was VERY private in fact had they not given us detailed directions we'd never found find it and pulling into the car park we straight away saw there car parked up (more)

I could keep posting up loads more stories by members but i think you get an idea of the theme of the member blogs, so why not join us and to access the blogs its just a case of clicking on Community > Blogs and then the dogging section......just give yourself plenty of time as theres a few to read and even more doggers to contact