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Find current dogging locations ..for FREE!!

Dogging its a national pastime for ALL us horny brits and lets be honest we do love our Dogging although when you take the british weather into account it really does make you wonder just why we do leave the comfort of our homes to fuck strangers in wet carpark's around the UK and the answer is simple ......because its exciting

Find real UK dogging contacts ..........Its FREE


Whether your looking to meet with couples or singles theres only one place to look towards and thats not the local car park its the contacts website's for the most current and up to date locations

The New & Improved UK Dogging Scene

Its without a doubt the what used to be a simple case of heading out to some dark car park and meeting with strangers for SEX has changed over the years and used to be something that was never discussed or spoken about has almost gone mainstream with the term "dogging" almost being throw into everyday media conversation and its this far more open views to dogging thats meant for serious players have had to change the way they approach dogging now

The Media knows of the locations so do the police

Its a fact watch any adult type show and you can bet at some stage if theres a reference made to car parks and after dark that some comment will be made about dogging and even worse is some of the local press where they have "outted" dogging locations in the local press to make sure EVERYONE knows whats going on at night and that means the Police will flag it as dogging hotspot and increase patrols !!!

But whilst the police and the local authorities will do there very best to stop our dogging its never going to happen as the moment one location gets flagged up, another is soon found....its just now you need to know where to look and who to ask

Finding the latest dogging locations

If you want to find most most current dogging locations then the best people to ask are the couples using them and with over 4 million members we are NOT short of contacts.

Within the members section you'll have access to members dogging profiles, forum postings, blogs & chatrooms which all means one thing thousands of contacts all sharing information on the best and the worst places to head towards when looking for dogging sex ...This is all FREE as its members sharing dogging information with other members and as you can access this as a FREE member it won't cost you a penny to find the best places to meet up

Join us TODAY and access not only great locations but :-

  • Members dogging photos ( real ones not some porn shoot)
  • Read stories and find out the real insight into UK dogging
  • Search profiles and send messages directly to members
  • Access member dogging blogs
  • plus lots more ..............