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dogging help ..etiquette ..advice

Dogging etiquette...does dogging really its own rules, etiquette...well I suppose yes it does but are these rules of engagement written in stone ? well not really but if your new to dogging and not sure how to spot couples dogging then this guide will point you in the right direction

How to tell if couples are dogging ?? or just walking the dog ;o)


In the Uk dogging scene you have those that are players involved with meeting others, those that are voyeurs and enjoy watching couples having sex outdoors and those that want to get involved within dogging but just not sure how to go about it

Understanding the Dogging Scene

If your new to the dogging scene one thing you can be sure about is whilst the police and the local councils are doing there best to stop it its probably more active now than its every been, manly due to contacts & swingers sites helping couples meeting up...Its no longer a case of just heading out to car parks and hoping ..couples now pre arrange meets

By using members forums, chatrooms and message boards its easy to not only find locations but arrange to meet with couples and more so if you new to the scene get a real insight into what goes on around UK locations ....

How do you tell if couples are dogging or wanting to have sex strangers

Its a good question and something that a lot of new members ask, after all just because a car is parked up in some car park or public location it doesn't necessarily mean they are dogging...they could just be enjoying a night out and in fact NOT dogging...yes I know showing, but its a fact ...

There are some tell tail signs if couples are dogging and whilst I wouldn't say these are the dogging etiquette they could be viewed as a general guide ....

  • One of the most used indicators that the couples / singles are dogging is by leaving the interior lights on in your car...In most cases this does mean contacts are looking for more voyeur dogging sex than any type of involvement
  • Once parked up cars will flash brake lights / headlights
  • Parked cars with windows down is a sign that couples want action / involvement and probably one of the most popular indicators used along with leaving doors open - Whilst some will use this its mostly windows open
  • Don't forget that dogging locations are used by gay, bi males, transvestites and couples so when approaching a car make sure your ready to leave if its not the kind of contact your after, in some case if dogging trannys you may have to talk to the contact.
  • Common sense ....yep, don't let your little brain control your big brain - don't take anything valuable, leave wallets at home, take condoms !!! and wet wipes and if your a single female FIND a dogging partner in the forums and take him along with you

Above all if your unsure how to tell if couples are dogging or not then DON'T approach the car and next time your online ask other dogging contacts for further advice ....The dogging forums is a great place to ask questions of couples and singles that are enjoying the dogging scene