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Swingers personals If your looking to meet with swingers personals for some swapping fun whether thats meeting with couples, singles or even groups then your in the right place.......Whether your a new swinger or a hardcore player you'll find with ease local contacts to you no matter where abouts you live either within the UK or Europe.

Joining the site is EASY...its just a case of clicking on the join banner, choosing a username and your off accessing millions of swingers personals .....but thats the easy part

We want to ensure you get the most from our personals site and its this reason we've added this page to offer some advice to new members to the site ....If your returning to the scene you may well find some of this "old School" but it still doesn't hurt to read up so that you get the most from the site

"The golden rule with contacts sites is you WILL only get out what you are prepared to put in ....if you don't bother then members will see this and not bother contacting you ...FACT, we have the contacts and they want to meet members that why EVERYONE is here, so sell yourself"


Its a classic line you often see when reading emails and message from members but the sad part is had they bothered to use a little bit of common sense not only would they have probably received loads of messages but also had some swapping fun .....Posted below are the basic tips of how to post and use the site to get the most from your swingers personals advert

But above all "Rule 101 ..........GET INVOLVED"

OK so you've joined this site to meet with other swingers ......whilst we offer you all the tools to meet up you still have got to impress the members so they will want to contact you from reading your swingers personals ad .......How to make a GREAT swingers advert

  • Username - use a username thats easy to remember and if possible to to keep it short, after all someone maybe looking at your details and not click straight away but will want to check out later...
  • YOUR Description - its the first thing member will see from the personals search so give members some reason to click on your advert " Hampshire couple with bifem for local meets" now that works for me
  • Personals ad - this is your chance to tell people about yourself, your likes / dislikes what your into. It doesn't have to be a novel but the more you tell people the more inclined they will be contact you and from members that are good matches
  • Photos - you want members to contacts you ? then photos are a must. Without photos your advert will stand a very slim chance of getting a response. You don't have to show your face so you can edited it or just use the private folder if you can't edited your photos but even the basic digital cameras these days come with some editing features
  • Messages - When sending messages to members make sure you've read there personals advert and your the type of member they are looking for. Also don't just copy your advert and paste it into your message this is a huge pet hate by members. Tell people you've seen there advert and would like to meet and ask them to check your personals ad out and get back to you ......and also when members contact you respond to them even if its a "no thanks" you'll appreciate that when you start sending messages to members

and last ........get involved we have loads of great community features such as member forums, swingers blogs, chatrooms, webcam chat, message boards and now.....our very own naughty Swingers Facebook and trust me you'll soon start asking members to be your friend ;o)

By following these basic tips you'll soon have members contacting you and better still arranging local meets .......enjoy and join our personals site TODAY and start meeting local contacts