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swingers storiesFact a famous author once said we all have a story just waiting to be written and whether its a real life swingers story after a recent meet with a member or pure swingers fiction one things for certain our members like to share there erotic tales & encounters with others..

Swingers Direct offers the perfect platform to share your inner most thoughts and desires with others telling members your intimate swinging thoughts via the swinging narrative using the free blogs we offer to all members.

Erotic tales by REAL swingers...and YES either Fact or Fiction? The vast amount of stories that I've read tend to fall into the first category and offer a real insight into the scene which is especially helpful if your new to the swingers scene and not really sure what happens at when swingers meet up... but reading a bit of sexual fantasy can be fun and still informative

We touched briefly on just how members do post stories and this is done by member blogs - All members whether free or paid have access to there own swingers blog, here they can write and post ANYTHING they like from stories ( vast amount of postings) to views on the UK swinging scene or maybe even a just a rant if something's pissed them off ...

"Reading swingers stories is the best way to understand a genre and find out what really happens when couples, singles or groups meet up ...It doesn't matter what interest you have whether its cuckold, threesome, dogging or just good old fashioned wife swapping we can point you towards the free stories "


These are just some sample stories a member not only will you be able to read the full story but also contact the members and check out there profile ....Enoy and join us today to start reading swingers stories and even better meeting with members

  • Our first swinging experience - We've always been interested in the idea of swinging and after a recent holiday once we got home and online the first thing we did was find a swingers website... We'd meet with this couple and it didn't take too many cocktails before they started talking about there sex life and it was when they mentioned a swingers club they used both myself & my husband became more interested (more)
  • I wanted NSA sex and knew just where to find it - I knew hew owned a bungalow that was in large grounds so NO neighbours and with a hot tub in the garden and a warm summers night I knew it was going to be an evening full of naked fun in the garden. When I got to his house we didn't hang around and was soon totally naked and having sex everywhere, on the dining table, sofa and then walked out into the garden and after getting into the hot tub soon slipped down onto his cock and started riding him with my huge tits bouncing. I was really getting into the flow when another women walked into the garden and (more)
  • The idea of letting a man dominate me was something I had to try - I walked into the hotel room and you were already there and closing the door behind me I knew the role I was going to play and made sure I had an over night bag ready. After getting changed I walked back into the room and straight away was grabbed and forced to bend over the bed were rope was already waiting "put your hands together" pushing my hands firmly they were bound and then tied to the bed . (more)
  • A foursome fantsey...but will you help me make it happen - I've been in the room playing with my wet pussy for half hour whilst the guys just stood there watching me and wanking slowly knowing that they wanted to enjoy every moment of this as I did. I was getting so turned on and knew I was going to cum more so each time I looked up seeing three guys now completely naked, with 3 hard cocks surrounding me.(more)

Want more? trust me we are not sort on members submitting stories so join us today and start meeting and reading swingers stories